Dubai Faces Record Flooding After Unusually Heavy Rains

Dubai, the bustling desert city known for its luxury, futuristic architecture, and vibrant lifestyle, is grappling with the aftermath of extraordinary torrential rains. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) experienced an unprecedented deluge, with up to 259.5mm (10.2 inches) of rain falling on Tuesday—the most since records began 75 years ago. Here’s what’s happening in Dubai today:

Chaos and Stranded Residents

Residents describe harrowing stories of spending the night in their cars as roads turned into rivers. One commuter’s 15-minute drive turned into a 12-hour ordeal on flooded roads. Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest for international travel, faced major disruptions for a third straight day. Airport authorities prevented outgoing travelers from checking in for their flights, resulting in repeated delays for nearly every flight. Frustration mounted among Emirates passengers already at the airport, prompting advisories to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary.

Struggles Amid Chaos

Passengers stranded at the airport reported that their luggage was left behind after their flights landed at Heathrow Airport. Exhausted travelers faced delays and chaotic scenes as they waited for information. Some passengers diverted to Dubai World Central Airport (Al Maktoum airport) reported “living on duty free” and shortages of water.Frustrated travelers described the situation as “complete chaos”. Standing water lapped on taxiways as aircraft landed, causing further delays and disruptions.

Unprecedented Weather Event

The state-run WAM news agency called the rains a “historic weather event” that surpassed “anything documented since the start of data collection in 1949” in the UAE. As the sun returned on Wednesday, residents and travelers grappled with the aftermath of the record-breaking rainfall. Dubai’s infrastructure, including airports, roads, and public transportation, slowly recovers, but the impact of this weather event will resonate for days to come.

Dubai, usually known for its arid climate and dazzling skyline, is now dealing with the consequences of nature’s unexpected fury. As the city endeavors to restore normalcy, residents and visitors alike recall a historic weather event that disrupted their daily lives and travel plans.


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